We know it can cost a LOT of money to exhibit at a trade show. Not just the exhibition cost, but the stand, staff, accommodation etc.  It’s a great investment, but the event only runs for a limited time. Many people do not have the opportunity to attend, or may not have time to visit you, or even by-pass that area of the floor altogether!

A video filmed at the show is a great way to give a taster of what you were doing at the show, to talk about your business, your product, or just to give a face to your brand. It shows customers that you are investing in the business, and is a great way to extend your significant investment and give great ROI after the show.  The cost of these videos is priced very low since we know that a lot of money goes into exhibiting. It’s a very small investment, and gives you the opportunity for your attendance to live on a long time after the stand has been packed away.

The video can act as a very useful marketing tool, to represent your business and to tell “your story”. Some businesses use it as their first “dabble” into video marketing at a very competitive price point. Send a link out as part of your marketing after the show, put it on your social media feeds, show it internally to show your presence at the show or send it to contacts you met there.

Once the invoice has been paid, the edited video is yours to keep and distribute as you require. All copyright is passed to you.

We have completed hundreds of these videos, and know exactly how to create you a high quality video. We are very experienced in making interviewees feel relaxed and comfortable, and to get the best “on camera performance” from them. No need to worry, be nervous, or panic – 99% of the people we work with have never been on camera either!  Once filming is completed, most people tell us they enjoyed the experience!

We complete the interview in a very low key, informal style – in order to get the best from the interviewee. It’s a natural “conversational” style, which is then seamlessly edited together (without the questions) – we will guide you through the process very gently!

We will arrive at your stand at your allotted time. There will be a chance to have a chat before we start filming, but remember that we have a busy schedule so need to complete filming within your allotted time slot. Filming will be completed at your stand, so you may wish to make sure that any other staff are aware and to tidy your stand to make your products looks their best.

The interview will take a natural flow, and will be taken in whatever direction is suitable, based on your product, customers, marketing message etc. These are some examples:

  • “How did the company start?”
  • “What is your product range?”
  • “What makes your product unique?”
  • “What are the benefits to your customers?
  • “What are the future plans for the business or product?”


You may wish to provide your own questions – you can give these to us on the day of filming.

No! In our experience of filming hundreds of videos, remembering a script will never work. Its very difficult to remember, and to sound authentic. If you want to prepare, you may wish to write some bullet points of the main topics you want to ensure are covered. This will also give us some guidance to make sure we have covered the key points of your video.

Whilst we generally aim for around 3-4 minutes, the edited videos can be longer or shorter dependant on your requirements. We want to make sure that your video is punchy, effective, and that the audience watches all the way through.

Of course! We offer a separate specific package for any presentations that you might be giving at the event. We film these using multiple cameras and then edit the entire presentation incorporation both a wide and close up shot of the presenter as well as any presentations that were used. The multi angles also give a little insurance in case of anyone walking in front of the shot, as well as making the video visually more interesting.

This is a fantastic way to share the presentation after the event, to people that were not able to attend or to people that would like to listen again. It’s also a really effective way to market your presence after an event, and a good reason to reach out to people and establish your expertise.

Once we have completed filming we will take the footage and create a draft edit. You will be sent a low resolutions video as a link viewable online along with an embedded timecode. You have an opportunity to provide any feedback you have at this stage – you may wish to re-position any specific shots, questions or remove sections using the timecode displayed. Please send one email with these instructions. We will then create a high-resolution version with any edits requested which will be sent to you (once the invoice has been paid).  Please make sure that this final video file is downloaded and kept safe.

Of course! You may wish to split the main video into smaller “bite sized” videos, or create totally separate videos for different parts of the business. Based on your requirements we will create the video content required, and simply charge a per hour rate for any additional editing outside of the basic package.

This is not something we would usually provide.  We record in an uncompressed high resolution professional format that most computers would not handle very well. It’s totally raw, for the purposes of editing. If you do require this footage, we can provide it to be downloaded for an additional charge. This is provided as a Dropbox folder and you will require a paid account. You can provide alternative upload details if required.

We have worked with hundreds of exhibitors and events all over the world covering every industry. From the largest corporations with HUGE stands, to businesses with the most basic shell-scheme. We will ensure that we make the most of whatever you have on display, and include shots of branding, people visiting the stand, and meetings or conversations. We can also incorporate any product shots that you may wish to send after the event.

We’ve even worked with businesses that do not have a physical stand at the show – in which case we film in a generic location, with a wide shot of the event in the background. Our job is to make you look great!

We are a video production company, and trade shows is just one area that we work in. You can view our full site with details of all of our services at www.captive8media.com  you can also contact us and we would be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.